What’s the deal with BadRepMan.com?

guide-tocBadRepMan.com is a guide that will show you how to take control of your personal online reputation, remove negative search results from view and manage or repair your online reputation going forward.

This manual for managing your personal online reputation includes all the latest strategies in SEO, search engine marketing, apps and tools along with experiences from online identity, personal branding and reputation management cases over the last 16 years.

Learn about tools, tips and tricks of the online reputation management and personal branding game that you won’t find talked about anywhere else.

Learn how to manage your personal online reputation from anywhere.

responsiveYou can read through the guide, access all the links to the resources and build your online reputation from anywhere at any time using your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any other internet connected device.

The guide is in eBook format, so you can read it on any of your devices and access all the links and resources anytime you want. There are footnotes throughout the entire guide. Each section has its own set of  footnotes and links to make it easy for you to reference as you work on your online reputation management strategies.


Some of the strategies and tactics described in the guide are against the terms of service of major search engines like Google.

That is correct, but please understand this:

Any attempt to manipulate search engine results, for any reason, is against the terms of service of all search engines.

So, if you have a serious internet reputation issue and want to get a handle on your online reputation, you’re going to have to ignore this and maybe bend and/or break some rules.

Don’t forget, we’re talking about your future here. Would you risk bending some rules to get that new higher paying job or keep your new love interest from discovering your skeletons…? Of course you would.

You can let them be in control of your online reputation, or you can grab the bull by the horns. Its your call.

This guide does discuss some serious strategies for difficult cases that may or may not be illegal depending on where you live.

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