Agreement Reached on Right-to-Be-Forgotten Appeal Rules

google-privacyThere have been over 120,000 RTBF (Right To Be Forgotten)[1] requests since May in Europe where this law was passed earlier this year. Many of these requests have been granted, others were not. The ones that were denied can be appealed. This is where the regulatory criteria agreed upon by the Luxembourg-based European Union Court of Justice will come in to play.

According to Reuters, European regulators say they’ve agreed on a uniform set of EU-wide rules and criteria that will be used to evaluate appeals under the “Right to Be Forgotten” law announced earlier this year by the Luxembourg-based European Union Court of Justice. [2]

The exact specifics of the appeal rules will not be finalized until November. The article suggests that there will be several factors in determining whether an appeal is to be granted or not.

This is great news if you have some serious online reputation problems and are in the EU. I wouldn’t hold my breath on a right to be forgotten law being passed here in the United States anytime soon.

In the mean time, you can read the personal online reputation management blueprint and learn to control how you look online.

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