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Hi, I’m Bad Rep Man. I teach people how to take control of their online reputations.’s free service gives you a profile page, a links page and a social stream page.

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The following is a test drive and a review of’s free account, an analysis of the service and a comparison of their paid offerings.

You can add up to 3 external links to your profile on the free account. On my free profile’s links page, I added, my Twitter and Tumblr links.

You can add unlimited links for $99/year and get their concierge service for $399/month.

Here is a comparison of their premium offerings:


In the chart above, it says;

See everyone who is Googling and finding you

That is a bit misleading. It should read “See everyone who is Googling and finding your BrandYourself profile” since the only visitors they can track are the ones that land on your profile.

When you remove a link from your profile, you are greeted with the following warning about this affecting your search engine results ranking.


I assume you get the same types of warnings if you decided to cancel your premium membership.

First impressions

BrandYourself like most of the personal reputation management tools appears to be basically a parasite host where you can setup a free profile on their website (

BrandYourself also has a Report Card section where you can see search scores.

brandyourself-report-card-scoresAlong with a spot for you to keep track of the first page of Google search results and label each one positive, negative or not me.

brandyourself-report-card-serpsBrandYourself offers nothing special as far as I can see.

The profile pages are extremely basic. You can setup free subdomain profiles on, Blogger and many other websites and you can add anything or any amount of links you want all for free.

The report card search score and results section is basically just fluff. There isn’t any substance to it that I could see.

The bottom line is that I really didn’t see anything in there that is worth paying for. The SEO analysis in the “boosting links” feature seems to be very basic stuff.

The premium add links section seen below is very similar to Knowem only Knowem’s is free as seen in the Profiles section of the guide.


Overall rating: Nothing worth paying for, but definitely setup your free profile on their subdomain and add it to your personal network. (

You can check out some of the personal profile pages people have setup on via this Google search.

Search for some of the names you see there and you’ll see that the BrandYourself profiles do show up in searches for many of those people’s names.

How best to use

Setup and use your free BrandYourself account in your personal network. There is room for a lot of content on the profile page so take advantage of it. You can add contextual links in the Bio section and from some of the other profiles I saw it appears that you can add a whole load of text in each section.

As in many profiles that allow education history in profiles, you can make up fake schools and universities to include additional keywords if you want.


Link this free profile from a few of your other profiles in your network and keep an eye on its search rankings. If it starts to show up prominently promote it further.

If your BrandYourself profile shows up really well, you can go back and edit the links in your Bio section to link to some of your weaker profiles that may need help. Hint: I saw some profiles that had many links in the Bio section.

Check out other peoples profiles to get some ideas on what is possible.