Building Your Digital Identity When You are Short on Time

This article from Entrepreneur offers a couple quick tips on how to build your online reputation when you are short on time. Everyone needs to work on their digital identity, but not everyone has a lot of time to spend on it.

With a good plan based on your exact reputation management needs, you can build a killer online identity without it taking up a lot of your time.

As entrepreneurs, we know the importance of building a strong digital reputation. These days, the Google search result for your name is equivalent to your resume. But building up your online reputation takes time – something a lot of entrepreneurs don’t have. [1]

This article is very brief and doesn’t offer many tips aside from dictation, scheduling updates, re-purposing content and a little about outsourcing. A couple of these ideas are good, but there’s not enough information here to really help you out.

There is way more to it if you want to save serious time and effort.

Once your online reputation content plan is devised and set in motion, many of the routine tasks can be set to run in advance and automated using freely available apps and software. This will make it appear that you spend a lot more time on your digital identity than you really do.

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