Everything you post and share may be used against you…

In the court of public judgement, what you post and share can be used against you.

Maybe that political status update, that photo you uploaded or that link you shared will be taken the wrong way by someone and you will be judged harshly for it.

People are easily offended and people are quick to judge and brand others. It doesn’t take much in these days of hyper political correctness to offend somebody. Especially on the internet.


If you are like me, you discuss stuff and joke around on Facebook with your friends, leave comments online about things that get you fired up like hot button issues, news stories, politics, or sports.

You might be branded as something you are not. Just because something you posted or shared rubbed somebody the wrong way.

One or two pictures of you with a drink in hand and someone could judge you as an alcoholic. That political cartoon you shared could be considered by someone as racist. Heck, the image of the hurt feelings kit above will probably hurt somebody’s feelings.

Every time you post something, you might offend someone and you might even gain a new hater or cyber-stalker.

Once someone passes judgement on you, shares this judgement and it spreads around, it is not easy for you to “take it back”.

Don’t be scared to share, but at least think about it before you click that post or share button.