Tips For Creating A Strong Online Image [VIDEO]

When someone searches for your name online what sort of first impression are they getting?

This video from Real Men Real Style stresses how important first impressions are when it comes to your personal search results. What someone sees when they search your name can have a major influence your career and relationships. That first impression means the most.

The video covers some basics about social network privacy settings, content, online photos, tagging and even a little about burying unflattering search results.

If someone skimming over your public online presence for the first time finds you tedious, or offensive, or even just sloppy in your punctuation, that impression is going to stay with them.

And whether it feels like it or not, people are looking: in most surveys, a majority of managers, recruiters, and HR personnel (sometimes up to 90-95% of them, depending on your industry) say they use web searches and social media to evaluate potential hires and clients.[1]

The video[2] covers a few good points about basic internet reputation management. If you want to learn how to own the search results for your name and control any first impression of you, CLICK HERE.

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