How to Fix Online Embarrassments and Improve Your Internet Reputation

Here is a short article from Lifehacker on hiding embarrassing online content and improving your internet reputation. It covers some basics on how to hide or try to get content and images removed from Facebook and how to suppress undesirable search engine results by bringing the noise.

Whether you’re looking to hide your personal activities from prospective employers or you just don’t want last Friday’s naked wood-chopping contest making the rounds on the internet, getting rid of embarrassing online photos, videos, and messages can be tough.

When it comes to hiding something you don’t want others to see, “noise” can be your best friend. One embarrassing photo is very easy to see when you’re staring right at it, but when it’s beside tons of other photos it gets lost pretty quickly—especially if you have to scroll on and on just to figure out where it is. If you can’t get rid of something in a search engine, your best bet is to create more interesting and legitimate content to push it down and out of the way. [1]

If you want to learn more advanced strategies to fix or repair a damaged online reputation, you should read this.

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