DIY Personal Online Reputation Guide

The best and safest way to manage your internet reputation is to do it yourself.

Hiring a personal online reputation management company is very expensive and may expose you to the shadowy dark side of the ORM industry filled with fraud, ripoffs, scams and outright extortion. is a do-it-yourself manual for hardcore personal reputation management.

No matter what your current online reputation situation is, non-existent, mediocre, or really bad, read this guide and learn how to create, manage and repair your online reputation.

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Online Reputation Management & Repair Guide

 Offense (Protection)

If you don’t really have a major online presence and want to own your online reputation before you have issues, BadRepMan will teach you how to create and manage your online reputation.

 Defense (Repair)

If there is already negative stuff posted about you online, BadRepMan will show you how solve your online reputation problems and repair your online image.

Everything you need to know about your personal online reputation is right here

Learn how to:

Apply and execute immediate crisis control strategies

Assess your current reputation and online presence

Create, execute and maintain a proper strategy

Deal with specific internet reputation issues

Negative news articles, blog, forum posts and other bad press
Negative or unflattering images, party pics and mugshots
Cyberbullying, harassment and revenge situations

Save time and effort with shortcuts, tools and apps

Employ extreme strategies for difficult cases

Avoid extortion, ripoffs and scams

Own your online reputation.