Can Location Based Services Damage Your Reputation?

I came across this fluff article (quoted below) from one of’s shill sites about location based services and it got me thinking.

Location based services are check-in and review apps and websites such as FourSquare, Yelp, Swarm, etc. If your accounts are LBS enabled, even your Facebook and Twitter accounts will broadcast your location and leave location footprints every time you update your status or tweet.

Who is following your footprints?

Aside from the personal safety and security concerns[1][2] of broadcasting your location, (which I hope you’re aware of, if not watch the video below) there is another important point I’m going to make here.

The article I came across, from, talks about using keywords, services, visibility and some other stuff aimed at businesses.

You have to consider what keywords you are using. If your keywords do not include your location, you are not marketing yourself as effectively as you could be. Your online image is dependent upon how you broadcast yourself. Particularly when you are dealing with location-based services, you need to ensure consumers identify your image with your location.[3]

How this applies to your personal online image

The only part of the article that you need to pay attention to is this:

Your online image is dependent upon how you broadcast yourself.

Let’s say I’m Googling your name and I come across your Yelp reviews of all the nightclubs you’ve been to…


Or I see that you checked in at a strip club on Foursquare… 28 times last year…


You see what I mean, right?

Even if you only reviewed two nightclubs and only checked in at that strip club once, your first impression is shot.

Your check ins are part of your personal brand, so make sure to use location based services appropriately for your situation.

If you’re checking in at locations, you are leaving footprints that can be followed to create first impressions.

Learn all about managing your online identity.

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