How Your Online Profiles Can Sabotage Your Future

Think before you post…

Some solid online reputation management advice from Dr. Phil here. Especially for teens and young college aged adults.

If you have an online profile on social networking websites, such as MySpace or Facebook, be aware, what you publish on the Internet for the world to see could end up sabotaging your future. Dr. Phil reminds viewers that what you may think is acceptable may not be acceptable to college recruiters, potential employers or even the police.

Your Reputation

It’s a new social phenomenon: kids, students and adults are photographing their worst behaviors and posting them online for all to see. It’s important to know that once you put a photo online, even if you have privacy controls, it can be copied, posted on other sites and your reputation could be tarnished.

“The truth is, you can take some of these things out of context, put them all together in one place, and it paints you as a very different picture than how you live your life,” Dr. Phil says. Even if you delete that photo, it could exist in the cyber world forever and may come back to haunt you when you least expect it.[1]


Every day, prospective college applicants (high school kids) and young adults looking for jobs (college kids) are faced with online reputation management problems.


As Dr. Phil said, the things you post can often be taken out of context. A handful of party pics or images of you doing crazy things and someone might think you are a lot wilder than you really are.


Because of this many teens and young adults are left needing social media cleanup and online reputation repair or damage control. These problems are not limited to younger people either.

Everyone needs online reputation management and in some cases, could need reputation repair services in their lifetime.

Don’t mess around with your online reputation.

Learn how to manage and/or repair your online reputation yourself.

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