So, You’re a Social Media Rockstar…

Its fun to be an online rockstar.

You post cool status updates, upload and get tagged in pics at all the cool parties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You are having a good time and making others jealous of your fun carefree party lifestyle. What the heck, you’re young.

Can this come back to haunt you later on?


Yes, yes it can.

It might be fun to be cool online for now, but don’t let it ruin your chances in the future.

Even if you have your privacy settings in lockdown and you are rolling in private mode, employers in some states can demand all your social media passwords and monitor your online activity.

Not only that, but there are many websites that scrape information from ALL the big social media sites and display this information elsewhere online.

Even with your privacy game proper, once its out there, its out there…

Don’t wait for the reality slap from the college admissions board, job recruiter or potential employer.

Learn to manage your online reputation.