Social Media Behavior Affects Jobs. Any Questions?

If you don’t think your social media behavior will affect your career, you’re too stupid to get hired anyways, so go ahead and sabotage any chance you have at a decent career. Post all the racy status updates and party pics you want. It won’t matter for you.


Today, social media is not all fun and games.

When Facebook started it was keg pictures and poking – and now it’s one of the first places employers go when they want to find out more about you. According to a new report by On Device Research, one in 10 young people have been rejected from a job because of the content of their social media profiles.

People have been getting fired for their activity on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for a while, but this report is noteworthy because it underlines how common it is to have negative real-life repercussions from fooling around on the Internet. You’d think that this widespread rejection would make young people more cautious when posting online, but the On Device study noted that two thirds of the respondents are not concerned that their social media will damage their careers. That means there’s some kind of disconnect happening between what people think is acceptable to employers online and what’s actually acceptable.[1]

Don’t think you can’t get fired for social media posts? Think again.

If the damage has been done and your are looking to repair your online rep, you are one click away from the info you need.

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