That Stuff You Posted Online Got You Fired?

One man’s LOL is another man’s WTF

You are being judged by everyone that sees your comments, posts, status updates, shared links, likes, groups you belong to and photos of you.

Unfortunately much of this judgement is based on today’s hypersensitive level of political correctness, opinions and beliefs.

It is very easy for someone to misconstrue something you post, or pass a wrong judgement upon you by looking at a couple posts.

Unless of course you are being a total idiot online and your internet reputation is a train wreck. If that is the case, you should click here immediately. Otherwise, read on.

More and more people get fired every year over online postings. It doesn’t take much.

Online posts that may get you fired

You might get fired for a comment or status update that someone finds “politically incorrect”.[1]


You might be fired over a comment or status update that violates company policy.[2]


You could get fired for an image of you holding a drink at a holiday party.[3]


You might be fired over a comment or post about your job or coworkers.[4]


Depending on what type of job you have and who you have to answer to, this may not be a big deal. For anyone that has a regular job and has to answer to the man…

Tighten up your social media game before you get fired.

If there is something you don’t want your employer to see, DON’T POST IT ONLINE WHERE THEY CAN SEE IT.

Change your social media account privacy settings.

On Facebook, you can create lists of friends. Use these to segment your Facebook friends into groups like school buddies, work, professional, etc. As you post, select which friend groups you want to be able see each update.

Facebook’s automated lists are tied to interests like school, work, and location, as well as frequency of contact. You can edit these lists and create new ones from the Friends settings section.[5]

If any of your social media “friends” or followers could be offended by some of the stuff you post and these “friends” may negatively impact your career, casually unfriend, or block them from seeing your posts before you have problems.

Most of all, think before you post.

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