Unwanted Exposure from Your Instagram Account?

The article quoted below talks about the importance of Instagram account settings relating to public tags and account privacy.

This is important for parents to understand because it means your kids may be tagged by others and those photos will (by default) automatically show up on your kid’s “Photos of You” tab. Now, if you’re already on top of it, your kid’s Instagram account should be set up as private (if not, here’s how). And if your account is set as private, only people who you accept as followers will get to see all the great “selfies” your child rushes to tag. BUT, if your child’s account is set to public, then any photo they tag of themselves AND any photo ANYONE ELSE tags of them will show up and be visible to the public.

Fortunately, Instagram allows you to control whether your tagged photos are added automatically or manually to your “Photos of You” tab. Unfortunately, they set the default to “Add Automatically”. So here’s a quick run-down on how to see the new feature, and how to change the settings to “Add Manually.”[1]

Instagram scraper sites

Another concern with Instagram, is that there are many scraper sites that use Instagram content and display it elsewhere on the web.

A scraper site is a website that copies content from other websites using web scraping.[2]

These Instagram scraper websites post content (images and tags) from Instagram to their own websites. There are several of these websites that may be spreading your Instagram photos elsewhere on the web. Your #selfie may already be out there on these sites.[3][4]

While these scraper sites can be of benefit to a person looking to bury online image search reputation issues, this can also be the cause of such issues. If your account settings are not private[5] or someone is re-posting your Instagram photos with public tags, your “private” photos are already out there on the web.

If have image search reputation issues or any other personal reputation management problems, read the guide and own your online reputation.

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